Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twenty One

My daughter turned 21 a week ago. She had friends and family around over the weekend. We had a beautiful day for it.

Transport to church

This was parked at the back of the Ravensmead Church last Sunday. The rain has eventually stopped (mostly) in Cape Town and church attendance is picking up. It is also actually light when the early services start.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blaauwberg Nature Reserve

Wednesday was a public holiday and our family went exploring up the West Coast. We did a 4km walk in the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve and saw many pretty flowers.

A House in Gugulethu

Just an ordinary house in a quiet street in Gugulethu in Cape Town. The day after my ordination the man who lived here was stabbed to death. His brother is a faithful member of one of the societies I pastor and I came to see him here on Tuesday. Too many questions . . .

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Well that was the moment. The words said were "Lord, send your Holy Spirit upon Jenny Hillebrand for the office and work of a Minister in the Church of Christ."

The ministers who laid hands on me were the Presiding Bishop, Rev Zipho Siwa, the General Secretary Rev Vido Nyobole, the General Secretary elect Rev Charmaine Morgan, a past Presiding Bishop Rev Mvume Dandala, the Bishop of the District where I serve Rev Michel Hansrod. Two presbyters were of my own choosing, Rev John Bailie and Rev Simanga Kumalo.

I feel privileged to have had such a group pray for me!

Otherwise, how do I feel? Very tired - almost drained. It has been emotionally taxing. But I also have a sense of lightness and hope that this is now a beginning of something good.

God is always good.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nearly Ordination

Today was the last day of our retreat in preparation for the ordination service tomorrow. In the afternoon we appeared before the Methodist Church Conference (the national synod if you like) and were accepted into 'full connexion'. This basically means that we have gone through all the necessary hoops and the Methodist people are now happy to accept us as ministers. Some of us are presbyters who will administer the sacraments and others are deacons who perform a more strictly pastoral role. Tomorrow, all going well, we will be ordained.

The photo shows all the ladies in the ordination group. There were a total of 35 people, eleven of whom were women. Of the eleven, six are presbyters and five deacons.

Apart from a difference in role, presbyters are in training for at least six years, including time at seminary, while deacons spend at least three years in training.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scripture Union Bookshop

I went to the Scripture Union Bookshop in Rondebosch today. I had ordered the Hillsongs Kids dvd for our Sunday School and it had arrived. I was hoping to buy the Alpha Parenting Children dvd, but it was not in stock. We always buy the Wow Hits cds and hadn't bought the 2014 one yet. The book was a bit of an impulse buy . . . I bought it very much hoping that it wasn't going to make me feel even guiltier about all the things I'm not doing right as a pastor/ minister! So far so good, after one chapter.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Newlands Forest

We went for a walk in Newlands Forest this afternoon after church services and meetings. It was pleasantly cool and damp.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Christian Brothers Centre

The ordinands from Cape of Good Hope  and Grahamstown districts are spending three days at the Christian Brothers Centre in Stellenbosch. It is very beautiful here. Very wet at the moment!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tygerberg Hospital

I went to visit someone at Tygerberg Hospital this morning. I have only been to the hospital once before and felt very unsure of how to get around it. I went by myself today and took my time. I'm not sure if I parked in the best place, but it was a long walk to the building! Fortunately the patient I went to see was close to this entrance. He had a heart bypass operation last week. He was full of tubes, but looking well.