Thursday, September 20, 2007


Life has been crazy this side of the world! So this is just a short post. At our church we are watching David Pawson presenting his 'Unlocking the Bible' series on DVD. We've got two groups running. One started a few months ago and is now busy with Judges and Ruth. The other group has just started and is doing Genesis. The groups get together afterwards and share questions and insights. Our minister, John Bailie, has done a great job in getting people interested in taking the Bible seriously.
The Genesis group has been talking about creation. I have no problem with integrating the Bible and Science - I see them both as God revealing himself to us. But the question was asked, "Why did God create the dinosaurs?" That is an interesting one. Presumably not just to create a confusing puzzle and make people question the biblical account of creation.
The best answer I can think of is that they were needed to do something to assist in the process of forming the earth to be a place fit for human habitation.

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