Friday, September 07, 2007


I am sitting in the secretary's office at church playing 'secretary, secretary' while we wait for the new lady to work her notice and join us at the beginning of October. I have nearly done a whole week.

I was curious to see how I coped, because although I can do admin I generally don't enjoy it. But this is a good experience and opens windows onto how a church really works. It also gives me an opportunity to ask myself whether I am really called into ordained ministry or if I just want to be in on the nitty-gritty of church life.

I suppose it is like anything, you have to give it a chance. But I am finding it far more frustrating than I anticipated. Mostly because it takes time- time away from things I would rather be doing - like updating my blog. I've got something I want to blog, but I can't focus on thinking about it. I feel dislocated.

But I probably need to learn something in there as well. The ability to switch focus without losing my place as it were. So this is going to be a challenging month. There are also good things. The people I meet and talk to. The sense that I can be useful (I think . . .) And I'm already more on top of things so that next week will be better. And although this is a funny sort of challenge, I always enjoy a challenge.

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