Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What matters?

Wessel posted this thought on his blog. 'I can say, Let God matter. But, in reality, what matters is not God but my thought that "God should matter."... ' It's a quote from Emil Brunner and I must admit I don't really, really understand what it all means. But it made me think.

Then we were doing Amos at Bible Study. The very rich and the very poor. Nobody recognising God. Like us. We look for solutions to economic disparity (especially here in South Africa), we don't look for God.

But when we do look for God we say 'ok, let's give it over to God'. Then we think 'What would God do?' and then we go and do it. It's not God that matters, but our thoughts about God. Why don't we really let God do it? So often we play a game of believing in God, but he is just a set of ideals that we aspire to.

But God encourages that. Sometimes his voice is so clear and compelling that I know to obey. At others he seems so distant that I might as well spend Sunday mornings reading the newspaper. But I know that at those times he expects me to use my common sense and my understanding of him. I don't give up on him because he's not shouting to me. I ask myself, 'what would God do or want me to do?' and I do it.

So God matters and my thought that God matters also matters! But I must never get so involved in my own thoughts that I forget that there is a real God who may actually be wanting to do something far more wonderful than I can achieve on my own.


Unknown said...

I though about this quote "I can say, Let God matter. But, in reality, what matters is not God but my thought that "God should matter."
To me it is that "God does matter". We are the planters and those that water, but God makes it grow, he is the doer. And so it is in our lives; God wanting to do but many are unwilling. He has already invested in our lives. If we search earnestly for the will of God and then walk in it, God does not only matter, but he does indeed do. I can testify and witness to countless instances.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Herman
The way I quoted from Wessel's blog didn't properly put it in context, sorry about that. He's not saying that God doesn't matter. He's wrestling with himself (Emil Brunner).
It would be cool if you put your testimony of those instances on your blog. Don't you think?
Thanks for the comment!