Monday, November 02, 2009

Afrigator and MyBlogLog

I linked up with Afrigator quite a while ago and I have been getting about one hit a month from there. But I could never find my blog on the site. So, with my new determination to investigate blog statistics, I went seeking. My old embed code must have been hopelessly outdated, because when I put in the new code the badge came back and I could find my blog on the religion tab. So far I am finding Afrigator useful - there are some new blogs there that I haven't seen before. Unfortunately, like sitemeter, they don't seem to be able to eliminate hits from web accelerators so my stats are inflated when my 'sleeping beauty' post goes through an upswing (as it has just now).
MyBlogLog doesn't seem to be helping much. My husband really didn't like the badge, so it got moved to the bottom. I haven't really got to grips with understanding their way of doing stats, but they do seem to eliminate the web accelerator hits - even better than google analytics does. or maybe I just don't properly understand.
And Amatomu still seems to be broken - yet I got two hits from there yesterday or the day before??


Thomas Scarborough said...

But check Afrigator's latest message: "Ooops, something went wrong! We're working with Gators here and they bite!" By the way, Sleeping Beauty had six dwarves, not seven. A cow told me so.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Um, yes, I've also got that message from Afrigator sometimes. After Amatomu it is hard not to take it personally!
As to the dwarves you have it wrong. There were actually eight. The last was called Adorable Cantankerous but went missing when the fairies stole him. I'll tell you what happened to him another time.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Um. Sleeping Beauty had dwarves? were you intentionally muddling with my mind?

Thomas Scarborough said...

Oops. Snow White. Just shows how I know my Bible. Is that true about the eighth dwarf?

Steve Hayes said...

Well I'm glad the MyBlogLog widget is visible on your blog now.

Since Amatomu broke I find there are lots of South African blogs I'm not reading any more -- I only remember when the bloggers hsow up in the MyBogLog or BlogCatalog widgets.

Technorati is also broken, so it feels like I'm blogging blind -- can't easily see what people are blogging about, as one used to be able to do on Amatomu, and can't see who's blogging about what, as one used to be able to do on Technorati.