Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bible in a Few Words

I was tagged by Steve Hayes for this challenge. Put the message of the Bible in five lines. The first must have one word, the second two and so on.
I have been intentionally a bit alternative. I'm not sure if it really works if you don't already know the message and symbolism of the Bible!

God's BHAG
Jesus the Light
Christians, agents of Light
An everlasting victory in awesomeness

(A BHAG is a big hairy audacious goal - I don't know who originally coined it. I read it in a book by Bill Hybels)

I tag Thomas, Mark, Steven Jones and Charli.


Anonymous said...

I felt so left out when Steve didn't pick me :).

Yipee! A task. I'll get cracking.

Thomas Scarborough said...

So far, the summaries I have seen have been framed largely in the Bible's own terms. I have chosen a mix of postmodern, existentialist, and biblical terms, i.e. terms borrowed from a mix of language games. The Bible's message, in five lines:

1. Humanity free from metanarratives, in relation
2. The creation of illusory (personal and social) metanarratives
3. Metanarratives prove to be fundamentally self-defeating
4. The Spirit prompts the courage to despair over metanarratives
5. A return to freedom from metanarratives, in relation

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I wonder if your understanding of metanarrative is the same as mine? Surely if there is no metanarrative and only relationship then there is no right and wrong, which doesn't seem consistent with what you practise - but is consistent with many postmodern beliefs.
I would accept that we construct incorrect understandings of metanarrative/s.

Thomas Scarborough said...

Apparently I got the requirements for the five points wrong. 1. = one word, 2. = two words ... ? Along these lines perhaps ...

1. Bang!
2. Yum, nice
3. Urgh, argh, croak
4. ... and so on

Thomas Scarborough said...

Adam and Eve's fall opened their eyes to ... what? The knowledge of good and evil. It was before that that they were innocent. :-)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thomas, you are funny! Ok, we'll let metanarratives be because it is getting too metaphysical and I will soon be metaconfused.
How's this:
1. Bang
2. Yum, nice
3. Urgh, out! out!
4. heart-broken, loved, yearning, rescued
But what is 5?

Bible identity said...

this is very true :)