Sunday, November 22, 2009

End of the Journey

Today finished my journey at Shaw Memorial Methodist in Grahamstown. Tomorrow I drive back to Johannesburg. We had an enormous farewell service this morning/ afternoon and I feel quite overwhelmed. There are many, many good people here at Shaw and I am going to miss them. It has undoubtedly been a hard journey, but Jesus has been part of it and somehow he has made it work. I know that there is a lot that I could have done better. I know that I have learnt more than I have been able to give. But I think somehow, in spite of that, Jesus has used me.
I have my husband with me - life feels so different when you are not alone!
Thank you to all my internet and blog buddies . . . you helped me keep going!
Now, a bit of a holiday and then the move to Pietermaritzburg. Stay tuned.


Calvary Methodist Church said...

A job well done, a year well lived. Congrats for making it. New things in store. Enjoy the family. Love Brenda

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Brenda, and thanks for your prayers. Jenny.