Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's all about running

It's odd, but I'm living for my running at the moment. I almost count the minutes until 5.30 when I reckon it is cool enough to hit the streets. I took the car and measured the distance I have been running - a bit further than I thought, 1.6km. The last time I ran it I did it in 9 minutes, which isn't bad seeing as I've been running just over a week. I missed three days because of the retreat and then couldn't run yesterday because I was out all day and back after dark. Today I ran further and I would guess that I did 2.5km in 20 minutes. I think my body might still be up to the Comrades. If only it was towards the end of next year it would make an ideal focus for the year. But it's too early for me to get fit and too early to 'live for'.
I am really tempted to just work at getting fit over the next few weeks. I am pouring energy into my church work because I feel I'm doing wrong if I don't, but it is like pouring water down a drain. I am too embarrassed to even say what I am wasting effort in, I feel such an idiot. I really was more of what I think a minister should be for the five or six years before this one, than I have been this year. So I feel frustrated. But I also know that I have learnt a lot and this knowledge is worth its weight in gold. I don't know how I am going to cope without being in meaningful ministry next year. But I guess there are many things to learn.
If I can run 10km before the end of the month, maybe I will enter the Comrades if there is still space.


Thomas Scarborough said...

But now, Jenny, let us reason together. How can you rely on one of those cheap Honda Jazz things to measure kilometres?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Does your Ape even have an odometer? Or is that taking nastiness to a new level?