Friday, November 06, 2009

Last Stretch

I am on the last stretch of my time in Grahamstown. The retreat that I have just been on was the last activity outside of the circuit and I now have just over two weeks to complete. I feel quite a lot better now that there is some pressure on me! I have only two weeks to finish various tasks. Most of these are related to financial reporting and don't exactly inspire me, but they must be done. I have a busy weekend with a funeral tomorrow morning (I think!) and a Local Preachers meeting in the afternoon. These tend to last around four hours and are conducted in Xhosa, but I think I will get through it. Then Sunday is a Communion Service and election of society stewards in one of the Grahamstown churches. After that I'd like to go to the farewell service of one of the ministers in Port Elizabeth, but I will have to see what the time is when my church service is done. I am happy to be busy! Even though that means I will have to spend Friday evening preparing sermons.

I am also experimenting with linking my blog to Facebook. I've avoided doing that because my Facebook friends tend to be very distinct from my blog friends. I'm not sure how many of them would be interested in my blog or if it will change what I write. We will see.


Anonymous said...

I used to publish my blog articles into FB notes. The problem is that you then get no visibility of who's reading what you write. I know it's not about numbers but stats are important. They help you get insight into your audience, understand the burning issues and respond in a way that is appropriate.

Nowadays I use a FB link to each article I write. I to have two distinct social bases and I find that very few FB friends pull through to the blog.

The more I blog the more I realise how distinct we all are in content, method and technology.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I regretted linking in to Facebook almost immediately. I feel so out of control of my info in Fb. So no longer linked and feeling much happier!

Steven Jones said...

15 days left as i read this - min dae! Don't forget to give me a shout before you go home, so that we can make a plan with getting that surfboard of yours to KZN.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steven. The surfboard has got two more Mondays on which it must work, then it will come and visit you, thank you. I believe there are people in Pmb who go surfing every day before work! There's hope for me yet.