Sunday, November 01, 2009


I did a Communion service out at Paterson this morning. This is a little settlement about 70km outside Grahamstown towards Port Elizabeth. This was probably the last Communion service that they will have as part of the Grahamstown Circuit. Next year they will be part of the newly formed Addo Circuit. This is a small church but their passion and commitment is way out of proportion to their size. I really enjoy being part of them. I have only actually taken a Sunday service in their church once before. On that occasion I managed to put my foot through a broken board on the platform. I knew to be a bit more careful this time!
The people take Communion kneeling at a rail on the edge of this platform. This makes them very low! Some of the children are small - so they are even lower. I felt like an old age pensioner getting down to the children's level to talk to them. However, this is an effect of my sudden interest in trying to get fit and the stiffness in my legs, so hopefully it will pass!
I left home at 8am and got back at 3pm. That is fairly standard for a Sunday and often for a Saturday too. I don't mind, although I am fighting what could be a bad headache as a result. Somehow this is what ministry is all about. We felt the Spirit after the preaching, even though I felt my sermon didn't work so well. It's all about Jesus and what he wants to do with people.


Thomas Scarborough said...

A settlement outside Grahamstown? I thought that Grahamstown is a settlement! :-) I like your last sentence.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Be nice to Grahamsrown! Next year Pietermaritzburg is going to feel so big.