Thursday, January 07, 2010

All things are permissable . . .

. . . but not all things are helpful. It looks like the Methodist Church is going to be wrestling with this in a big way over the next little while. The same sex debate had died down, but has been reignited in a way that could split the church. Pete Grassow tells the story here.
I am afraid of this debate because of the fanaticism that it seems to attract on both extremes - throughout the church that is, as far as I know there is no one in the Methodist Church who recommends violence against any sort of person.
Could it split the church - as seems to be happening to the Anglical church? The Methodist Church has enormous stability because of the fact that all property owned by the church and its individual societies is held in the name of the church as a whole. This makes it very difficult for an individual society or minister to declare UDI. Unfortunately, I think that this stability also causes stagnation and mediocrity.
If I have the courage I might post my thoughts on the debate over the next little while - from my position in the fearful middle!


Anonymous said...

Read this ( this morning. Related to your thought process? I don't know, I'm trying to connect dots.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Mark, that's an interesting link. There is no real relationship between the UM Church and the MCSA. But it does suggest an interesting trend. In many ways you will have to keep connecting the dots because there is obviously stuff that I can't blog about in detail! Keeps my readers' minds active.