Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scattered thoughts about settling in

I'm not even sure how long I have been in Pietermaritzburg. This is a good thing - last year when I was away from my family, I could have told you how many days I had been in Grahamstown and how many days until I saw my people again!
I've been running, with three of my kids, nearly every day for about two weeks - good thing.
There is an eight month waiting time for ADSL, so my kids have been without internet access. I let them hook up to my laptop to connect - worked fine - but now my feedreader won't work. It's happened before, but I can't remember how I fixed it! Minor irritation.
My family are all happy in their respective little worlds of school, work and church - good thing.
I have moved into my flat at seminary. There is some awkwardness in sharing with another lady, but everything seems to be ok. Orientation is fine. A lot of sitting and listening which is hard work, but I guess that's how it goes. I tend to watch how the speaker communicates and am learning what works with our diverse group and what doesn't (we are approx 45 black, 4 white and 1 coloured - as in indication of cultural and language diversity). It's also good to meet and hear people of significance in the church community.
Thought for the day from yesterday: We prejudice our arguments by the terms we use. Our registrar gave maybe the most accessible talk yesterday. Key point: education can be used for Liberation or for Opression, but is never neutral. My thoughts: - How about if we rephrased it? Education can be used for the Maintenance of traditional customs or to Encourage rebellion, but is never neutral.

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