Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digging out the past

I am not somebody who goes back and reads stuff that I wrote in the past. I keep a prayer journal, on and off, which records the things that I am struggling with or celebrating, but I never go back and read it. Which is probably a pity - but somehow I just don't like doing it.
About two years ago I had a hard disk crash on my pc and someone recovered a whole lot of files for me - but they have the useful names of recovered_123.doc and so on. Every now and again when I know I had something and I think it might be there, I go and search through those files. Last night I was looking and was quite surprised at what I found. I actually did a fourth year research paper on the use of the internet in ministry - I don't remember that at all! I also found the research paper that I wrote on funerals in different contexts. I am scared to read them because I am afraid that I will think them terribly inadequate, but I hope I will and maybe I will post parts of them here.

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