Thursday, September 09, 2010

A day in the life . . .

A day in the life of a somewhat atypical seminarian.
Drop daughter at UKZN - omitting the now often heard instruction as to what she should do should student protests turn nasty (which happened yesterday).
Fix bug in web page due to MS Word putting its own interesting XML code into documents.
Still to do: Greek homework for this morning.
Create document for photocopying of song words for tomorrow's chapel service because the projector set up is not working yet.
Going to look at a project at Pinetown Methodist Church - with special interest in their training of creche teachers - some interesting plans as to what we might do at a church in Pietermaritzburg.
Greek lecture.
Meeting with UKZN/Sorat admin guy about their web page.
Workshop with other 'Formation Interns' about church viability and audits.
Fetch any kids still not home. Go home. No worship practice because we did it yesterday!
My days aren't usually quite this full, but getting there. I do believe that somehow God will use me in all this and it feels meaningful and worthwhile.
God is good.

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