Monday, September 06, 2010

A Little Unsettled

The past few days have had something of a 'good news/ bad news' feel. The best news is that my PhD seems to be back on track. I had planned to do my thesis in Practical Theology, because it seemed the most honest placing of the content, but it could also fit under Systematic Theology or Biblical Studies. The problem was that the Practical Theology programme at UKZN is understaffed due to the death of Steve de Gruchy and the imminent retirement of Edwina Ward. On Friday Prof Jonathan Draper encouraged me to pursue the Bib-Studs option. Hooray! I will need to modify my proposal a little, but I think I actually like the modification better than my first idea.
The bad news is that the owners of the house we are renting are coming back to South Africa and need their house. So we have two months to find accomodation. That was a bit of a shock, but at least we are here in Pmb - it will be a nuisance, but not impossible.
We rented this house while my husband was in Johannesburg and I was in Grahamstown and neither of us knew much about Pietermaritzburg at all. We accepted the house based on photos emailed to us. And it worked out very well - we will be sorry to move.
No doubt God has a plan.

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