Monday, September 27, 2010

New Week

I am parked at the Msunduzi Museum at 7.30am. The most noticeable thing is the noise from the taxi rank next door - consistent shouting. It all sounds like business as usual - I realise how little I know about public transport. This is a big taxi rank - more like a train station!
I am at the museum for a meeting at 8am - early because I needed to drop my daughter at the university in time for her lectures. Feeling a bit bad because I am missing chapel and my covenant group meeting. And I'm not sure where this meeting is going. It is with one of the local churches and the Pietermaritzburg Pre-School Association looking at a project we want to do. I'm not sure who else will be there.
It is the first week of the last term of the year. I have quite a busy time ahead. I am looking forward to the holidays - even though we will be moving house in that time. Hopefully we find a house!
Focus for this term - make sure that Jesus is part of any projects that I participate in (if I can). It is so easy to play church, even play kingdom of God. Easy to do things as if they were just organisational and not essentially spiritual. And yet, things go so much better if we are working with God, not independently of him, however pressurised we may feel to go with the flow of busyness.

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