Wednesday, September 01, 2010

PreSchools, governance, questions

My adventures with the Brentwood pre-school are not really following the formula that they ought. As we get to the end of the year I would like to see that I have made progress, that things are on track for someone to take over next year and that everything is looking good. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with many of the same questions with which I started the year.
Am I trying to apply western solutions to an African problem? Is there an 'African governance' that doesn't require contracts, financial statements and measurements of goals?
I still don't know what is required to make the pre-school 'legal'. In a formerly white suburb there would tend to be checks and forms and threats of being closed down. These things are just not viable in formerly black areas where there is a crying out for anyone to be helping the vast numbers of people in need. In the western world we talk of qualified teachers and accreditation and minimum salaries. We talk of the need to pay school fees and follow up for those who don't. These things are just not feasible in the area where I am working. We can't afford an accredited teacher. We don't really need one - we need someone who cares passionately for the children and is willing to learn.
Sponsorship doesn't seem to work. The system must be self-sustaining. Apparently those schools who are sponsored don't last.
I am floundering.
But you know what - the school will work and will keep going . . . in spite of me.

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Anonymous said...

Who knows, with God involved, it might even be because of you!