Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunatic Phase

Prof Richardson told me that every PhD thesis starts with a lunatic phase. A phase where anything goes and you dream chaotically and madly. I thought I had circumvented that to some extent by coming to a topic fairly easily - however as I start reading more seriously I find the options overwhelming. But I do think that this is the most fun and the most challenging part of the thesis writing so I don't want to rush it. Well - no, the truth is I do want to rush it, which is what makes it fun. It adds the edge to the challenge!


Steven Jones said...

Hi Jenny

I know how you feel - after a session with Jon-Mark this afternoon, my PhD so far seems no better than a Sunday afternoon rant on Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner.

The good news, though, is that (as Michael once told me) you can't fail a PhD - you can only quit!

All the best for your proposal.

PS: Word verication - MASCRAD: A container for carrying 10 books in? (hee hee)

Toms Shoes Coupon said...

I am not able to understand that why did you name this blog as carpenters shoes.
Is there any thing between the lines.? :)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

That's a good question and I should have put the answer on the blog somewhere!
I am a Christian and part of the Christian journey is to try to take on as much of the character of Jesus as one can (ie hopefully become a nicer person!) I thought of that in terms of walking in Jesus's shoes. But sometimes one has a heavenly picture of Jesus, which is something that we can't really emulate, so seeing him as a carpenter (which was his earthly profession) helps bring him down to earth (so to speak!) Thus Carpenter's Shoes is the story of my journey of trying to live like Jesus would want me to live.
Actually, the name came to me all of a sudden when faced with the blogspot question 'What is your blog's name?'
Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

I love the name. I carries with it nuances of meaning and promise of potential.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Mark :-)