Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sometimes it's funny

I am slogging through various documents doing exploratory reading for my PhD. Desmond Tutu (who is likely to have a key role in my PhD) has a great sense of humour.
This between him and Cyril Ramaphosa at a TRC hearing:

Cyril Ramaphosa:

Chairperson, Mr Ronnie Kasrils is sitting right next to me. For some reason or other, he believes that his freedom of speech for the moment has been completely curtailed in this Commission and he is boiling inside and would like to respond to those two questions because he was much more directly involved with those two. I don't know whether he is permitted or that should stand until he makes his own statement.

Desmond Tutu (Chairperson):

He will be speaking. We suggest that he reduces his temperature.

And these instructions as to the use of the translating headphones:

May I also, ahead of time, express our appreciation to those who help us by providing translation and now that I talk about translation, yes, all right I will, I'm being given wonderful signals over there. As you know these are headphones. For those who don't know the 11 official languages of this country, you may use one of these. Xhosa will be heard on channel three and English will be heard on channel two and please do not remove these things from the venue. They bite! Once you leave the venue with these things it turns into something horrible, a monstrous thing that hurts you.

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