Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Back to that PhD

Today is the day. I have a handful of admin things that I am going to ignore. One idea that I might pursue. Otherwise, I have until 3.30pm today in which I am going to read for my thesis. I have done exactly one hour of work in the last three weeks and am frustrated. But now it ends!
Already, this morning, I am starting to get a bit of clarity of purpose and direction. The big things is always THE PROPOSAL. Everyone asks about it. Is it in? Approved? How are you doing?
Except for my supervisors. In my first discussion with Prof Gerald West last year when I started stressing about proposals he brought a different angle. From his point of view the usual rush for a proposal is for the doctoral candidate to convince the university that they have the capability to write a PhD thesis. He said that I had already convinced him in conversation and the little that he had seen of my writing [my ego grows a bit here!] I am not to worry about the proposal. Go and read and read and read and it will all come together quickly later on.
That has only really sunk in now. I've let other things drive me. This is my PhD. The seminary is helping me, but it is not theirs. It is not a competition nor a race. It is an opportunity for me to put my head down and see if I can do some internationally acceptable academic thinking.

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