Saturday, April 16, 2011

Detail or Big Picture

Someone made a comment to the effect that I focus too much on detail. I saw it a couple of days ago, and it's been knocking around in my mind. I have never been a detail person and I have found that if I'm forced into detail mode for too long I can't function - I just give up. Earlier this evening I was at a loose end and I was playing with an online aptitude test, which cried out triumphantly to me 'Jenny, you are an ACCOUNTANT'. With apologies to all the accountants out there, that comes at me almost like an insult! But, accountancy is an area that requires detail and precision, so it makes me think. I am studying Greek - again that is a discipline that requires attention to detail. Am I becoming a 'detail person'? Does it matter?
On the other hand - and this is what really counts! The original comment was not intended to be taken too seriously. The online test was unbalanced and at least one of the questions did not have the correct answer available and so I can't be sure that it was reliable. And while I enjoy Greek, learning the detail has become a torture - which I will endure!
But it's not a bad thing be able to work with detail, even if it's not my home ground.


Thomas Scarborough said...

Thanks for giving us the detail on this (or is that the big picture)?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Sounds like detail doesn't it? Maybe I should go be a church secretary rather . . . Sometimes it feels like that would be so much easier!