Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Our children were all away on camp over the Easter weekend, so my husband came with me to Greytown on Easter Sunday. As we were driving through the town on the way to the church he remarked on a long line of children being shepherded along. "I wonder where they are all going?" he said. "Um, I can guess," I answered, "would you mind giving some thought to a children's address for this morning's service?"
And so our Easter service went from the anticipated 30 or 40 people to a church that was nearly full  - mostly children from the local orphanage.
It was actually awesome - God just took it and everyone helped. The ladies scrambled to get more Communion elements sorted out. My husband did a children's talk. Everyone sang with enthusiasm. I got through the sermon with at least some of the children following. The Bible reading that I chose to focus on was Peter's address to Cornelius's household from Acts 10 - one of the lectionary readings. I started by describing how Cornelius had gathered his whole family and all his friends to hear what Peter had to say - and it felt like a similar thing had happened with all the children and their carers present.
God is good!

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