Sunday, April 03, 2011

Greytown Methodist Church

This is Greytown Methodist Church, where I have been 'attached' as an intern for the rest of the year. I took the service there this morning - and I must admit I am kind of amped!
It took me just over an hour to get there. The road is good, but there is the occasional truck and today was misty as well. It's a pleasant drive - not quite up to Grahamstown standards, but better than going to Howick (Brentwood) in terms of scenery.
The people were very friendly and welcoming. They have been through a fairly rough period with ministers coming and going. It is going to be quite interesting - understandably, they feel a little suspicious of ministers. There were about 20 people in the service. The mix was what I think has become predictable in small English-speaking Methodist churches - grey haired white people and young black people with a few others as a bonus.
I arrived with a reputation as a 'musical expert' preceeding me and they wanted me to play guitar (they were bit apologetic that they don't sing hymns - unusual!). This guitar thing is something that I have only done seriously at seminary, so I feel a bit under pressure!
We got through the service and had tea together. Now I need to think! It would be very easy just to coast along (and in truth it might be the best thing to do), but I don't want to. I'd like to make some (even small) impact. So what do I do next?

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Steven Jones said...

Hi Jenny

My apologies - I mentioned two Sundays ago at Dalton that you "play guitar". I wonder if "bush telegraph" has been at work, or whether another little birdie has been whispering in people's ears?

Enjoy it - I quite envy you, in fact, going out there. You'll love Dalton as well.