Friday, April 15, 2011


On Wednesday I fetched my boys from school at about 4pm and took them home. We must have just missed the most massive hailstorm. We drove through dense mist, the roads were streaming with muddy water and were rock-strewn. The pavements were white with hail - and under the hail was a layer of leaves. Some trees are now standing bare and some even have broken branches.
In one of those odd coincidences I had just read the account of the plagues in Egypt from Exodus. I certainly have a better feeling for the devastation experienced by the Egyptians now. And even a 'tip of the iceberg' understanding of what New Zealand and Japan have been going through.


Thomas Scarborough said...

Wow. Better watch what you read next.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I've been reading Job - do you think I'd better skip right to the end?