Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today my challenge is to try to rediscover some sort of internal motivation to get stuff done. I sat with a colleague yesterday and asked her to help me figure out why I was feeling so useless and ineffective - and she helped me get a bit of perspective. Which wasn't exactly that it is because I am useless and ineffective (I'm putting my own spin on it here, you will see) but I should be able to achieve more than I am.
So this morning - I've read some blogs, but will not go and read the John Ortberg articles that look interesting. I've chased the monkeys using a newly developed method. Now I will hide my Greek notes (which also need working through), I'll hide the mysterious printout from Greytown which is the closest thing to a membership list that they have and needs my attention. I will not reply to the email regarding Phakamisa even though I should have done it yesterday. I have now written a blog post for today, albeit a little self-indulgent. I have booked a turn with my son's remote control helicopter for later and a computer game with my husband.
And now I will go and work on the revisions for my PhD proposal and look neither to the left nor the right until . . . something happens!

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