Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greytown Ups and Downs

Today was the seventh Sunday that I went to Greytown - time seems to go so quickly!
There are some really cool people in the congregation and I enjoy the church and the people. I think that it is fair to say that things are going well. I am not managing very well with counting the congregation, so I don't know how we are doing numerically, but I get a sense of a positive dynamic in the Sunday services.
Of course, there is lots more to church than just worship services and some of the 'issues' are starting to surface. Underlying friction amongst the leaders. Communication difficulties. I think communication is a big thing and it is complicated by the relationship between the seminary in Pietermaritzburg, the superintendent minister, also in Pietermaritzburg, and the local churches in Dalton and Greytown. I sometimes think that I over-complicate things by trying to look at everyone's point of view, but there is little value in charging in like a bull in a china shop!
So we communicate - email is my comfort zone, but in a semi-rural place like Greytown people don't have it. Evening meetings are not practical as most people travel some distance to get to church - and besides, no one likes meetings. Sundays before services are becoming hectic as I am bombarded with the latest . . . So this week I need to work on regular phone calls to people - not my area of strength!
And my colleague is now hopefully on board as he was only able to start after Easter - so to meet with him and to thrash out some of the cultural differences in our approach to ministry.
God is always good . . . but I am really praying for his guidance and wisdom for the next couple of weeks!


Ross Olivier said...

Thanks for the update; I'm glad you are able to provide some ministry 'in the gap.' I have no doubt it will bless many in the congregation.
I'm a little perplexed by your comment "things are complicated by the relationship between the seminary, ......." I'm not aware of any complicating issues but would love to know if there are any.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Ross - it is SO good to have you come by my blog and leave a comment! Thank you.
I'm not sure that there is anything to be done about the complications that I have in mind - perhaps they should be seen as 'necessary complications'. They are caused by the number of role players and the physical distance between them. We are already starting to work out some of the difficulties . . . I just need to keep at it.
Fortunately - and maybe I take this too much for granted - my own individual relationships with the various role players (of which I am also part) are not too complicated and so am able to represent each of them where necessary!
Thanks for your support and your comment!