Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of Sync

My adventures into improved time management are progressing reasonably well. This week is complicated by the fact that UKZN lectures are finished (good, more time I thought), but much of the time has been filled up with postgrad seminars (very useful, but now that extra time has gone) and the seminary programme still continues and I am out of rhythm. I am trying to make the Greytown/Dalton project a proper cooperation between my colleague and myself, but trying to pin him down to meetings and schedules and events is tricky. But things are improving and I think we will get there.
As a random example of a busyish day, today's programme looks like this:
7am Chapel - good preacher this morning, Thusho Manamela - watch this man!
8am Meeting with Akhona re Greytown and Dalton - except that he was supposed to be driving one of the transport vehicles for the seminarians and had double-booked himself. Good meeting as far as we got - then he was dragged away (and so now I am writing my blog)
9-12 - a workshop at UKZN on preparing a paper for publication. It is a new requirement at UKZN that students must get a paper published in a peer-review journal before they can graduate with a PhD. I am looking forward to this.
12 or 1pm Fetch daughter who is studying chemistry with friends and take her home.
2.30-3.30 SMMS Zulu class. This requires a lot of 'changing gears' in my mind, but we'll survive.
5.30 Community Forum at SMMS
7.30 Family is supposed to be going to the Pietermaritzburg Schools Dance Funk Festival at Hilton - I think I will be dead (tired), by then (even if CF finished in time), but we'll see.

It's all good - just very structured. Tomorrow . . . time is my own after chapel, but rather too much to do! We'll get there and God is always good.

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