Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sabbath Rest

Today is Saturday. I am not planning to preach anywhere tomorrow. I am trying to force myself to take a proper day off. This is something I keep promising that I will do and I keep breaking that promise. Not that I keep myself mind-blowingly busy - it is just easy to drift into a low-grade busyness that is characterised by a vague sense of guilt. So I have been planning today off all week and am encouraged by reading in Exodus last night that the punishment for the Israelites who did not keep the sabbath was death. And am somewhat under pressure having been told late on Friday afternoon that I need to present my research proposal at a post-grad seminar at UKZN on Monday. But today is a day off - so Monday's problem will just have to wait!
The other promise to myself that I have been breaking is to keep up the exercising - hopefully I will run Pig Hill again this evening!

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