Thursday, May 26, 2011

Social Network Office Hours

Here's a good idea for those with social network ministries. Just as a minister might have 'vestry hours' when he or she is available for people to just pop by and chat, we can do the same with facebook, twitter . . . whatever. Just say that we are available to chat at these hours and then stick by the computer or the cell phone. I can see this working!
Thanks to Church Marketing Sucks. (Yes, the blog is really called that!)

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Steve Hayes said...

One of the reasons I prefer e-mail to phone calls is that people can read and reply at a time that suits them. You know you are not interrupting anything important.

While broadband removes the expense problem with live chat, it nevertheless defeats the main advantage of electonic communication. I prefer never to participate in live chats. Masiling lists and newsgroups are much better.

Steven Jones said...

An on-line vestry hour? I like it - a brilliant idea, especially for reaching the tech-savvy generation.