Sunday, June 05, 2011

Greytown Sunday School

This is one young Sunday School teacher wondering how he is going to cope because he forgot to bring glue for the Sunday School activity.
Little did he know that his troubles were only beginning. Having been overjoyed the week before last because his Sunday School doubled from one child to two, today he had 28 children. The children from the local children's home joined us again this morning at Greytown Methodist Church. I am trying to determine if there is some way of knowing when they will come, but it doesn't seem to be to any pattern! So I sent the ten years and under out with the Sunday School during the sermon and the other thirty or more kids stayed in the church.It is very cool to have them!
I must admit that without them the congregation would have been very small. It is cold and maybe that is why . . . but I hope that we can start to draw more people in.
I need to keep listening to Jesus. It's his church.


Thomas Scarborough said...

Umm, maybe you could see what the textbooks have to say about this? ;-)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Yes :-) Use my seminary training!