Thursday, June 30, 2011

Postmodern and all that

The Women's Auxillary of a local church invited me to speak at one of their meetings. The subject was to be 'anything I liked'. I don't have hidden interests in embroidery or gardening and have not been to any exotic place so I was at a bit of a loss as to what to speak about. After a while I decided to use these hapless people as guinea pigs in an attempt to present some of the material from my Master's thesis. I only had half an hour, so I had to be quite selective. I chose to talk about some ideas regarding 'worldviews', although I know that in some circles this has gone out of fashion.
Three observations:
1. Although the presentation went ok, I don't think that I am an ideal speaker for a women's group.
2. I do think that I could do some interesting stuff with my Masters to make a set of workshops that could be useful. While 'worldviews' are going out of fashion in the western world I think that they still have something to offer in the multicultural South African setting (assuming one acknowledges that we are in South Africa, not America or Europe).
3. I believe that Christian postmodern thinking is the way to engage people in South Africa today and that it is the hope for the church. I am re-inspired by this and determined to resist being dragged back into pre-modern or modern thinking and ways of 'doing church'. There are elements of postmodernity that are unwelcome - such as moral relativism when it is taken to mean that that there is no right or wrong. However we need to engage people where they are and with authenticity. I seriously believe that Jesus is the answer - the way, the truth and the life - and communicating this to postmodern young people is what gives me a buzz!

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