Friday, June 24, 2011

Self Tests

In a mildly anarchical holiday mood I have been trying some of the personality tests at Psychology Today. You might be able to tell something about me from the tests I have chosen to do . . . and then you might not. Actually, one or two were because I was curious, one or two because of something someone else said and others just on a whim.
Test: Do you need therapy? Short answer - No. Actually, doing this test made me so aware of the things that one could be struggling with that I really appreciate my good health.
Test: Assertiveness (are you a human doormat?) - The little snapshot answer includes 'As a typically self-assured individual, you are fairly comfortable with. . .' I like being a typically self-assured individual!
Test: Mental Speed (Can you think on your feet?) - The answer includes 'You must have had your coffee today, because you finished this test in record time'. Not sure if I'm satisfied with that.
Test: Self Esteem/Worth - The answer includes 'Your results indicate that your sense of self-worth is fairly healthy'. Is 'fairly healthy' good enough, I wonder? This test had other results that I would need to pay to see.
I don't take these too seriously - but they are fun. There was talk of doing Myers-Briggs tests at seminary. I wonder if that is still in the pipeline?

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