Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Greys

I have been part of Greytown Methodist Church for nearly three months now. We have continued to settle into some sort of routine and order. It is amazing how much God can use a little bit of continuity and stability - he seems to be busy at Greytown! We had a communion service today - I still enjoy the novelty of being able to integrate communion into the service (the privilege of being a *minister*). Our amazing piano lady had invited a friend to play guitar with her.He brought his son - who it turned out also plays guitar, and he played mine. This meant that I could sing with the congregation. I suddenly realised there was a reasonable volume of sound coming from behind me - the church was between half and two thirds full. This is just awesome after being at between 20 and 30 for the first three weeks that I was there. Our amazing steward lady had to do two refills of the communion glasses. Many of those there are youngsters - young teenagers - from the local Children's home. Some younger kids also come and today there were 11 in Sunday School - about as many as my son can handle! But one of the young men in the congregation has started helping . . . so we can start doing a bit more. It breaks my heart that I will be away for two Sundays and I don't like to lose the continuity. But I also know how much I need a break from everything - just time to refresh.
The other Grey from the title is Grey's Hospital. I got a call from a local minister who asked me to go and see someone who seems to be dying. There are joys in ministry and the harder parts. Pastoral work is not my strength by any means and I am very grateful to my friend (Michael) who provides me with opportunities to grow in that area.

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