Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am trying, today, to not take myself too seriously. So if you are looking for something profound, please skip this post! Otherwise here is a question about breakfast. In our family we all make our own and eat it while on the go. I don't actually know what my kids eat, except that I suppose it comes out of the groceries that I buy every week. I don't like to eat in  the mornings and have to force myself, so I tend to be creative - usually in a boring way - no one really looks at me oddly anymore when I have breakfast cereal and coca cola. On my birthday we were camping by the sea and I was in a rush to get to the beach - I got the oddest expressions from the family when they saw weetbix spread with peanut butter and gherkins. But my latest is the best and that is plain granola (Jungle Oats) with sugar, half a spoon of hot chocolate and hot water. For the first time I got a request to 'taste my breakfast' (which I was eating at lunch time). Why now?

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