Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And once more into the fray

Our CPE course is winding down - as in coming to an end, not as in slowing down! We are all tired. It has been intense, but very beneficial.
And the end of one thing leads to the beginning of another as the new seminary semester starts on Monday - although I have my first 'new semester' meeting at UKZN on Friday afternoon. The week after has a PhD meeting with my supervisors, one or two postgraduate seminars, and a Phakamisa meeting in it already. I still need to see what the general seminary timetable looks like for chapel, covenant discipleship groups and Zulu. But the biggest thing is that I want to get my PhD proposal as perfect as possible before the August Higher Degrees Committee meeting.
This Sunday I am taking a Communion service at Dalton Methodist Church. I haven't been back to Dalton since Good Friday, so I am looking forward to it.
Other things on my plate, so far, for the semester: Extending my work at Greytown - I have started with pastoral visiting and need to continue that and then there are other things that can be done, like working with our embryo worship team, and other - to be revealed if and when it happens! I have been asked to be a substitute teacher for the UKZN Greek 1 course - this should be interesting but involves only two weeks of lectures. I am considering the possibility of continuing to do hospital visiting at Grey's to consolidate the CPE course - but that would need the seminary's permission. The seminary is also saying that I need to do more community work (maybe Grey's would count?) so I think I will be quite busy.
The end of the first week of August is also the World Methodist Conference in Durban where the seminary is sending us as ushers and other helpful people.
Four more months, and all being well, my seminary journey will be over.

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