Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Different Things

One of the things that I am enjoying about the CPE course that I am doing is the exposure to things very different to what I am used to. These things are in some ways tangential to the course content itself. Many of the course participants are Roman Catholics. I have really enjoyed the times when they have led our half an hour of worship in the mornings. Their style is so simple - they don't need printed words or data projectors - they just teach a simple song/chant to start with and then incorporate it into the service later on. But they also do more complicated stuff. They just don't need to. In some ways I find their services and songs to be not particularly culturally sensitive - English seems to be used as a universal language. But what this does mean is that it is very inclusive - on this course we have people from all over Africa, and we all fit in together.
Having people from across Africa is also opening my eyes to what happens in these other countries. We had a talk on palliative care and AIDS and the speaker kept asking questions about other countries. We know that ARV's are supplied by the government in South Africa. What happens in Zimbabwe and other African countries? We might complain about South Africa's ability to process disability grants and so on, but we have a functioning social welfare system. This country is RICH!

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