Friday, July 01, 2011

People Thinking

Here are two 'must read' links if you want to be up with what people are thinking. The first is a survey that was done of evangelical leaders who attended the Lausanne Conference in Cape Town last year. It gives all sorts of information regarding what 'evangelical' leaders are thinking and is cool because it covers leaders from across the globe. It is a Pew Forum survey.

The other is put out by the World Council of Churches and is guidelines for Christian mission work - how to be effectively Christian without treading on the toes of the other faiths. Christian Witness Recommendations.


Anonymous said...

I read the document; thanks for the link. I'm not convinced that the goal of "being [an] effective Christian" without "treading on the toes of the other faiths" is Biblically possible.

Consider the Book of Acts; when God's Church comes into contact with a world bathed in sin, swimming in their self-made gospel of works salvation, the result can only be opposition and conflict. Treading on toes is what we’re called to do. Far too many people will be sitting in the torments of hell for all eternity with all their digits in pristine condition.

“we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles”

Am I out of line?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Mark
Thanks for the challenge, and no you are not out of line. Respectful debate is one of the things that moves us forward to discovering truth.
I agree that there are places where Christianity and other religions differ and sometimes these differences are irreconcilable. On the other hand, it doesn't seem right to be unnecessarily confrontational. I think that we are a better Christian witness when we treat others with respect when we disagree with them. Like the guy who burned the Koran - not helpful? But I think your image of keeping fingers and toes but losing lives is helpful - and almost Biblical!
Thanks for the comment.