Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let's go again

I am sitting on the floor staring at my laptop screen, which is on a small blue plastic children's table that is covered in wax crayon and bits of plasticine.
And no, I'm not at home.
This is the cry room at the church. Space to work, with at least a plug for my laptop.

I want to start the blog for our new church website. But although our domain is registered I don't have the account info to update it.
And Microsoft Word has a few funnies when used to create web pages. I need to try it out.

But I can't, so I am practising my patience. And trying out the new blogger interface.

Maybe I will start my blog again.

I read the account of the road to Emmaus again the other day. Saw it with different eyes. Was Jesus being playful? Was he teasing the disciples by not allowing them to recognise him? By pretending ignorance of the weekend's events? By pretending that he was going further?

After the stress of ministry, impending death and death was Jesus showing his relief? His freedom from stress. It is finished!

Does he walk with us now saying, the worst is over. It is all done. Yes, you have some stress. Decisions to make that can breathe life or death. But for you too it will one day be over. I walk with you as you walk with me and I can already see the other side. The other side is good.

Yes Lord!

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digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

Go for it Jenny! I look forward to reading many, many, deep (and fun) things on your blog!!

Much blessing,