Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Online Confession

Food was becoming an obsession bordering on worship, and the addict wanted to confess.
But not to a priest or a minister. The distraught person went to the computer.
"I have lost friends, jobs and opportunities because I put my addiction first. ... I have destroyed the perfectly good health that God gave me," the anonymous person wrote at "I can't see how I can be forgiven. I knew better and I did not do better. I cannot stand myself."

What's good for the soul is great for the Internet. Chat rooms and confessional sites are exploding in popularity — receives as many as 1.3 million hits a day — as young people become more comfortable sharing intimate secrets and seeking advice online.

This was written by David Briggs for Later the article says

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous for the sake of "the good name of my dear mother," said she is addicted to the site.
"Suddenly, I realized that I had an outlet where I could vent my frustrations, taunt my enemies, apologize for my transgressions and, if the situation called for it, brag shamelessly, without fear of ... ridicule," she said.
"There's something to be said about the delicious anonymity of speaking of one's darkest, deepest secrets."

And also

"I like reading people's confessions because it's nice to know that I'm not any more selfish, petty, conceited, weird, or macabre than everyone else in America," she wrote in an e-mail to a reporter. "It's funny how we all hide these traits on a daily basis, but how we're secretly dying to tell someone."

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