Thursday, May 10, 2007

To School

This photo is more significant than it seems. Malcolm (in the middle!) went to school for the first time yesterday. He has been homeschooled since grade 1. His big sisters made the transition in the middle of last year and have settled in very well at school. It seemed right to us that now is the time to let Malcolm go.

And he spent most of yesterday afternoon crying. He had quite a traumatic day to begin his career. His Afrikaans class received a break detention. His PE teacher yelled at him for not having PE kit - not realising that this child had never been at the school before (surely the guy must know his classes by May?!).

So what is God saying? I know what Malcolm thinks! But of course he must give it enough time. And in the meantime his parents' hearts do some breaking.

Today was better. And although I'd love to keep him at home I do believe he needs to learn to assert himself in another environment.

I hate to say that, because I see people nodding wisely and saying 'homeschooling deprives children of this and that'. I still believe in homeschooling - not for all children -but for some at the right time. But I believe even more in doing what is right for each individual child in so far as we as parents are able. And that is much more difficult than it sounds!

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