Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rebecca Chavula

I was looking at a YouTube videoclip put together by John Piper's church about the bridge that collapsed in America. The bridge is visible from his church. He starts by saying that although the bridge collapsing is a tragedy, there are many tragic deaths every minute. I felt that maybe he wasn't really talking into the situation.
Then I heard the next morning that someone had died. She was a young woman in a congregation I used to 'pastor' in an informal settlement. I didn't know her very well. But her baby was born in the time that I was part of the community. Mpakiseng. The church congregation took me to go and visit Rebecca and her baby in the tiny one room place where she stayed. We lit candles and prayed for the baby. She was introduced to me as Anastasia. Named after the pop singer, but meaning Resurrection. After that Rebecca started coming to church regularly. She really wanted to be part of the church women's group (Manyano) but could not as she was not married to the father of her baby. The baby came to church with her and my (then) twelve year old daughter looked after her in the 'Sunday School'. For a while they were missing. The baby was ill with staying in a the hot, tin-roofed, one-room home. They had to stay with family until the baby was better. I went back to visit about a year ago and Mpakiseng had grown to be a little child. But at 6.30 on Monday evening Rebecca died - of 'flu. And, really, that is just as tragic as the bridge collapsing. And it hurts.


David Barbour said...

Sorry to hear the news. Any and every death is tragedy, some just look more catastrophic than others. Death, a reality, we just struggle to accept no matter its clothes... God bless

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks David!

Anonymous said...

It's sad. Especially how you get out of touch with people and suddenly you learn something like that.
If you want to link to my blog you're welcome to.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thank you Charli. The link is there now. And to David's!