Friday, October 26, 2007

No Spiders!

I've got this big plastic spider which I liberated from our Sunday School commander-in-chief. Well, she said some kid must have left it at church and forgotten about it, so I claimed it. Unfortunately, at that time, I shared 'office' space with a lady who got the shivers looking at it, so it was not welcome. Our receptionist/secretary/do-everything-lady gave him a home on top of her monitor. A couple of months ago she moved to a new job and the new r/s/d is terrified of spiders. Homeless again. I thought to put it in our minister's office. But no, what if he is counselling and the spider causes more trauma? It stayed in my car for a while, until my youngest child reminded me, somewhat gleefully, that one of my other children is terrified of spiders. The new lady who shares my 'office' space in the cry room is ok with spiders. So I thought to put him up on the pelmet above the window where he wouldn't get mixed up with the baby toys. The first Sunday after that I was talking to someone who pointed the spider out to me, with some mock horror. So, he has retreated into my laptop bag, where he is pretty much forgotten. I guess I sometimes feel like the spider. And I suppose I sometimes treat others like that too. I want to make sure I don't marginalise people - especially those who don't have the benefit of organisations and media coverage. Those silent people who are different, probably hurting, and easy to forget. Only in God's strength.

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