Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Called by a Carpenter

Next little bit of Mark. Chapter 1:14-20. I was thinking about how 'primitive' or otherwise the people were at the time of Jesus, responding to Stephen's comment on an earlier post. Then I remembered reading somewhere that fishermen were not as low down the social ladder as we might think these days. Peter, Andrew, James and John all came from families who OWNED their boats. And they employed hired men. These weren't bottom of the scale manual labourers.
Rob Bell writes in 'Velvet Elvis' how the rabbis of the time were trained and called people to be their disciples. Jesus was known as Rabbi and in all likelihood was trained as such. So his calling men to follow him was a fairly normal event in those days. Although perhaps his choice of disciples was not. I wonder how long Jesus actually did spend learning a carpenter's trade? That has become a sort of Sunday School traditional understanding, rather than a Biblical one. Although in Mark 6 the people do refer to him as 'the carpenter'.
Why did Jesus appear to wait for John to be put in prison before starting his ministry?


rebecca said...

Hi Jenny,

Per too much noise--I go to Rob Bell's church every once and a while. I never listened to his NOOMA stuff. I think I saw one in a class I took where he is walking down the streets were I work in downtown Grand Rapids.

I have a real hard time with Mars Hill; I like it when he explains the scriptures and the music is very good a combination of beloved hymns and modern music; however there are a few things that I get somewhat frosted about. I do not want to get on my soap-box platform.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Oh wow. Someone who 'knows' Rob Bell! Thanks Becky. I think Rob Bell is in the situation of pretty much every celebrity - some will love him and some will hate him. I am still open to learning about him and from him. I'm curious to know what you don't like - but not if sharing it will cause you trauma!

rebecca said...

no it is not too traumatizing. I do not know Rob I go to his church once and a while. I respect what he does.

for me I have difficulties with churches who tend to use their positions for platforms and the other as entertainment tag team. I do not understand why Christianity has to "sell Jesus." It makes absolutely no sense to me. The Church to me if unified and has sanctified leaders fit for the masters use could change this world; if we could understand that as a body of Christ we wouldn't need to sell Jesus nor would we need to entertain people to come and find its Master. I am not so interested in the numbers but the healing of lives, and souls of the people and making this world a bit better. That is what I try to do at home and at my work at a mission.