Friday, December 14, 2007

Church and Community

Becky has been asking in her blog 'What is the church'. And I guess many of us, including the Emerging Church movement, are asking that question. What does the church look like in the third millenium? Then Becky said this in a comment on my previous post: we wouldn't need to sell Jesus nor would we need to entertain people to come and find its Master. Please read it to get the full context!
But she did put her finger on something for me. Why are we entertaining people? Is this generation so shallow?
Actually, I do understand that we draw people by appealing to them and entertainment appeals to them, so we do it.
But I appreciate the 'emperor has no clothes' pointing out that Becky has done here. We need to make sure that the drawing of people to the church is not an end in itself.
But sometimes, especially in a small church, that is all we have energy for. Or perhaps there is a little left over for mission.
We need to get to the point where people are drawn to the church because they see the value of its mission and want to take part in it.
And hopefully that is deeply rooted in Jesus, his love, his saving grace and his empowering Spirit.


rebecca said...

I expanded a little more on my blog with some previous writings of mine if you would like to chieck this out.


David Barbour said...

Thank you. I have been asking similar questions as we decide to make some adjustments to our services. The authentic church in action should not be that concerned as to what flavoured popcorn it is offering.

We are wanting to get rid of our evening service and join it again with the morning service or create two services in the morning with the intention of making the one a service that attracts the younger crew. But, the thought is...why should we pander to the 'needs' of the younger families at the expense one service where all the age groups meet in 'sacrificial' worship?


rebecca said...

The authentic church in action should not be that concerned as to what flavoured popcorn it is offering.

isn't that a movie theatre's concern?

your comment made me laugh and smile.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi David
I also like your popcorn illustration!
I'm not sure if I agree with you though. I do think our services need to be appealing. We have to communicate God - I sometimes see my task has interpreting God to people (old language - glorifying God). Maybe my aspirations are arrogant. Our church services are to feed, inspire, celebrate, heal . . . I'm not sure if the focus should be on denial of our own needs. But I need to think about it more. I'll post somethimg later. Meantime your comments are welcome!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Malcolm Chamberlain has a post on exactly what we are talking about and he puts my thoughts so well.

I don't know how to make a link in a comment!