Friday, January 04, 2008

Giraffes for a New Year

We have been away and are now back! Only away for three nights camping at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. It was very hot and pretty noisy at the camping place, but we had a good time. And given that we have spent the last two weeks not doing much I am hoping that I am rested and ready for 2008!

I have a nice list of things that I want to do - but something in me is so perverse. I struggle to get going. I'd rather do little 15 minute jobs than get stuck in to an hour or so of something - even something I really enjoy. I wonder if I have spent so long in 'mother mode' (where one is interrupted by one child or other so regularly that one cannot focus for long) that I have a block against focused activity? Or maybe I am just lazy. But one of my personal goals for this year must be to have more discipline.

I am sort of going to be employed by my church - doing less than I was last year, I think. I guess I will wait to see how that works out - I'm sure God will make me useful. I want to start my Masters (in theology), even though I don't know what 2009 will hold. I will be homeschooling both boys again - and I need to lay good foundations, because again, I don't know what 2009 will hold. And I hope, hope, hope that they have fixed the astroturf and I can play hockey again soon!

The mystery on 2009 is to do with my 'applying' for the ordained ministry of the Methodist Church. They will decide this year if I can go ahead. Then they will place me somewhere in 2009 and I don't get much, if any, say in where that will be. I have heard that there are many candidates, so there is a real possibility that I may not get the go-ahead.

But for now, I need to catch up on a whole lot of blog reading!

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