Friday, January 11, 2008

Woe - Slow Down

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be reading Mark with the aim of understanding who Jesus was (or is) and getting to know him better. I very quickly get caught up in academic thinking. I need to ask how he felt. In that situation what were the other ways he could have reacted? So I went back again to the righteous and the sinners. How did Jesus feel when challenged? It must have been hard for him to stand with the sinners when more influential people were disapproving. Hard for him to choose - as a human being. The influential offered meals and more influence. The 'sinners' offered marginalisation and in many cases poverty. Jesus knew who he was in himself and didn't need to be defined by those around him. I, like everyone I suppose, have a fear of being excluded. In some ways that is good - it builds community, but in others it may lead to erosion of values.
The elephants in the picture were seen running parallel to the road, about 10m away. The one seemed to be chasing the other. They travelled for miles - when seen here they were touching trunks, but the smaller pushed off again pretty soon. Playing hard to get? Elephant romance? I don't know enough about these animals!

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