Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog Statistics

This post is just something I need to say to get it off my mind! It's nice to know that people visit my blog. It's extra nice when they comment and engage with me. But blog listings like Amatomu trigger off my competitive impulses and can be destructive! If my blog sinks in the ratings, I think of feeling inadequate, if it rises, I feel better. I need to remind myself why I am blogging. And it doesn't hinge around popularity!

And, anyway, the rankings may not be that meaningful anyway. Many people, where bandwidth is relatively cheap, use web accelerators. These automatically load all the links on the any page displayed, making load time very quick when you decide to go there. This also means that if your page is listed on a google search, a hit is registered, even if there is no actual visit. So, even inactive blogs may look popular, because they are coming up on search engines and generating phantom hits. I know that most of the hits on my blog are like this - so my blog may be even less popular than it seems!

The other thing is that, for some reason, sitemeter does not pick up every hit and so I imagine the same would go for Amatomu. More than once I've said to someone that I'd had no real hits that day and they'd respond, 'but I was there earlier'. Or a comment is left, with no corresponding visit recorded.

And, of course, many regular readers read by RSS feed and they are also not counted!

So, I just had to get that rant off my chest! I blog because I want to.


Stephen Murray said...

Secretly though its all about the hits!!! If it wasn't for Dion I'd be reveling in pride! That's why Dion stays at number 1 all the time - its God's way of humbling me!!! (proverbial tongue in cheek).

rebecca said...

this made me laugh. I had no clue about the blog statistics.

I'm with you. I blog because I want to.


Steve Hayes said...

Testing to see if I can post. I wrote a comment yesterday, but Blogger ate it.

Steve Hayes said...

Seems to be working today, so I'll try again.

For me one of the important thing is the number of intelligent comments I get. I suppose most of my posts are tossing ideas around to see what the response is, and if there's no response I feel I'm just talking to myself.

Amatomu is useful in that it tells you which posts people are reading, but it doesn't say WHO is reading them, so I rely in MyBlogLog more, as it shows me visitors to my blog, and reminds me to go back and visit theirs to see what's new -- only problem is, some people log out of MyBlogLog, and so don't show up even if they have visited.

One thing I've noticed from Amatomu, though, is that if I post something it often takes 4-8 days before people begin reading it. What disappoints me is when several hundred people have read a post, but nobody commented.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Stephen - oh yes, hits are nice! And maybe if I was in the top three I'd have a different attitude . . .

Becky - it's great that there are people out there who don't know about blog stats!

Steve - I'm with you completely, engaging comments make my day! And I like Amatomu, despite what I say, because it does send me hits and also lets me see who else is out there.

rebecca said...

I have a site meter but I do not know all the intricate details that you are describing.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Becky
If you want to have a look at Amatomu click here. (Hope I get the link right!)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

No that didn't work. Try here.

I've been meaning to work out links in comments for ages! Maybe I'm getting there!