Friday, February 08, 2008

The Real Me (and You)

Dion in a bracketed comment says that he is better in text than in person. He's put his finger on something that I have been thinking about. I think it is easier to sound good when writing - alone, with time to think and rethink. I wonder if people would know me if they met me? Am I the real me when I write, or when I interact in person?
I can say really stupid things 'live'. I can be insensitive and insecure. But I suppose I can also be compassionate and funny. These things are harder to put into writing.
I don't know many of my fellow bloggers. Some of them I will meet in the course of the next few months. What will I think of them? What will they think of me?
Lord, grant me the humility to be me. Not to pretend. I am only me, but you made me and I am content with that.

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rebecca said...

I smiled reading this.