Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting It Closer to Right!

I took the service at Hlalanathi again on Sunday. This time it went much better!
The three things I did (thanks Herman!) were to use a translator, tell stories and involve the children. A formula I've used before, but for some reason just deserted me last time.
I spoke about the calling of Samuel in the temple. I had the kids act it out and there was much laughter. We had God hiding behind the 'lectern' so that he could not be seen. Samuel and Eli slept at different spots in the church. Samuel took great delight in waking Eli up as roughly as possible. Then as I spoke about God's calling to us the interpreter just asked for help from the congregation when she struggled to find the right words. What confuses me is that they insist they understand English, until I ask one of them to interpret and the truth comes out!
But I communicated with the people. God is good!
(The picture is a little kid who was on the go the whole time. At this point, pushing his pram up and down the front of the church!)

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Unknown said...

Well done Jenny, Reaching the heart of the people often is involving the children and using the same message for both - a story and a linked message. Always be senstive and awtch out for the person that do not understand Enlish, I always make sure.