Friday, March 07, 2008


This weekend my husband and four children are off to Kontiki at Murray Park in Springs. This is the Scouts raft-building weekend and my second daughter is on the raft crew for her troop. The eldest is in charge of the shore crew. My eldest son is in a troop which decided not to participate in Kontiki this year and my youngest is yet a Cub. So the men and boys are part of the support camp while the girls are helping to make it all happen.
This weekend has become one where, every year, I stay behind and enjoy the space. I do miss them, but it is good to be by myself.
I've been looking forward to this weekend. Time to read and eat junk food. BUT - I've come down with a cold or flu or something and am feeling rotten! However, it does make me appreciate how seldom I am sick.


rebecca said...

hope you feel better and your family has a nice weekend.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Much better and a great weekend. Thanks Becky!